The Short film “Raízes”

“Raizes” competed at the 6th Porto Seguro Festival, Bahia. It was selected as one of seventy short films played at the Festival and received an honourable mention among the top Sixteen.

¡We are so proud to announce that it finally won an honourable mention!!!

The short film “Raízes” tells the story of the unprecedented partnership between the artist Christina Oiticica and Txatxu Pataxó, an indigenous artist from the Pataxó ethnic group in the production of canvases that were painted by both and were buried in Aldeia Porto do Boi, in the extreme south of the state. Bahia – Brazil.

Direction, photography and production: Leonardo Barreto

Audio, Script and Editing: Fernanda Almeida

Cameras: Leonardo Barreto and Fernanda Almeida

Artists: Txatxu Pataxó and Christina Oiticica

With Thanks to:

  • Alisson Juneo
  • Cau Bezerra
  • Dirauy Santos Marcelino
  • Paulo Coelho and Christina Oiticica Foundation
  • Marcelo José Mendonça
  • Pedro Manhães
  • Pataxó Porto do Boi Reserve

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