This performance by Christina Oiticia on November 23, 2022

is the continuation of the work done on the Birth of Venus that took place on October 6 in the salt flats of Isola Lunga, Sicily.

On this occasion the Venuses in the paintings represent Oxum, an Afro-Brazilian divinity. So much so that they are black. She is the goddess of the sweet waters of the waterfall.

Oxum (Yoruba: Oṣun), in the Yoruba religion, is a Deity who reigns over fresh waters, considered the lady of beauty, fertility, money and sensitivity.

Intimately associated with spiritual and material wealth, vanity and women’s empowerment, it is represented by an elegant African woman, adorned from head to toe with gold jewelry, sitting by a river, with a round, golden mirror, while nursing a baby in her arms.

She is worshipped in Candomblé, Umbanda and several African-American religions.

Oxum possesses gold and precious stones and is venerated as Queen of the Ijexá nation. She has the title of Ialodê (Yoruba: Ìyálodè), that is, Lady of Society.

In this post you can see what the paintings were like before being submerged in the pond.


The paintings before

The performance

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