The “Fauna & Flora” collection was uninterred on May 12th at Whitepod Hotel in Monthey, Switzerland.

With the help of 50 people, Christina Oiticica removed from under the ground, the 10 works of this collection that, after being painted by her and the American artist Blake Jamieson, were buried nine months ago.

The collection has remained buried for a period of nine months. A very symbolic period, which coincides with that of pregnancy. This was really the intention of the artist: to wait for this length of time in order to give birth to a new work.

To remove the ten paintings from the ground, the artist had the help of 50 people who, nine months earlier, had been there in that same place to do the preliminary work of burying them.

They divided up into small groups equipped with shovels painted and signed by the artists.

They dug, throwing the soil aside and worms and roots on the other, in search of the paintings that were not lost, but hidden in the ground.

And what happens after the works are unearthed?

Christina Oiticica is going to clean and recover them to later be framed and exhibited in Portugal, in Sintra, on July 15.

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