5 November

The great day of unearthing the Camino de Santiago paintings has arrived, at the patio of the University of Geography and History.

Elias Torres Feijo – Conrector of Culture, Carlos Calhom (the Via Galego Foundation’s President) and me at the Monte do Gozo and in Villafranca del Bierzo. The work that I had set out to do, has been accomplished.

It was with great excitement that I did all this and I want to thank everyone who helped me realizing this work. There were so many people that I’m afraid I may forget someone when I’d mention names.

I’d like to thank St. James, who gave us the inspiration.

More than two years of travelings along the Camino de Santiago have passed. I thank the Virgin Mary for her protection. I have experienced magical moments there, of communion with the nature, of distress when we encountered problems (like transporting a painting that didn’t fit in any car or van or interview where I would have to elaborate on the purpose of my work or when time was too short to do everything that I wanted to do).

But I always had friendly hands to help me.

This path never ends, it is the starting point of many paintings that will be spread all over the world.

My pilgrim’s path.

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