December 12, 2013. St. Prex, Switzerland

Burial of the 7.20 m long canvas “The Four Roses” in St. Prex in Switzerland.

The Four Roses depicts four roses, a symbol that Christina uses often in her work and that has strong spiritual connections with Our Lady, the Mother Goddess, Earth … Each of the roses has a color scheme connecting it to a season and is dedicated to a saint:

The first one, the Autumn Rose, with shades of yellow and brown and dedicated to Saint Rita, who is often depicted holding roses.

For the second rose, Christina used colder shades, white and blue, to represent Winter. It is dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe, another saint connected to roses.

The third one, the Spring Rose, is predominantly pink and is dedicated to Saint Thérèse, a young spirit and representative of youth.

The fourth one, with its red shades, represents Summer and is dedicated to the Mystical Rose – the Blessed Mother – whom Christina is highly devoted to and has used in several of her earlier works.

The canvas, originally intended to remain whole, will be split in four separate canvases.


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