We went to Hospital de Orbigo. The idea was to work on the bridge, which tells a beautiful story. A knight fell in love with a noble-woman of the city who did not respond to his love. He spent many years fighting with other knights who wanted to cross the bridge to ask for the hand of his beloved. After many years, when he had slain 500 knights, his beloved finally consented to marry him. The bridge became known as Pase Honroso.

We went to Pedro’s hostel, which is very nice and has a gallery of paintings, some done by pilgrims who have spent the night in the lodge. Every year he also organizes a painting festival, which is a big hit and attracts painters from all over.

Pedro is an enthusiast of the Camino, and his life underwent a great change after a serious health problem.

He took us down to the marvelous bridge, told the story, and helped me to stamp the stones of the path across the bridge. Some pilgrims walked on top of my painting, which I had stretched out on the bridge.

Afterwards, we went down to the banks of the River Orbigo and I began to look for the local flowers. I made a series with sixteen paintings.

A journalist also joined us to start writing an article; he’ll come back when it is time for me to dig up the paintings.

Then we went to plant these paintings in a special place.

We went back to the hostel to have breakfast with all the pilgrims who were there and with Pedro’s mother, who had come over to meet us.


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